About us


About us

Thank you to all those who joined our group please do your bit and help keep the truth circulating. If we work together we can STOP THIS!



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Phone:(+44) 07974633646

ACT NOW is a campaign group set up by a number of former British Humanitarian Aid workers and the general public. The group was founded after aid workers in northern Sri Lanka, where the conflict has been taking place, witnessed the suffering first hand.

We have set up campaign groups all across the UK and have thousands of members across the globe. We work with these groups in the UK to raise awareness and lobby MPs to pressure the British government to act before its too late. We currently have the support of over 55 MPs and a number of Members of the European Parliament.

Through our campaigns we have also managed to gain the support of a long list of celebrities including Bob Geldoff, Joanna Lumley, Brian May (Queen), M.I.A, Massive Attack, Sian Evans (Kosheen), Chris Steel, Jasmine Guinness (model) Jade Parfitt (model) and many others.

Act Now’s aim when it was founded was to try stop the genocidal war in Sri Lanka, by raising awareness of the truth of the suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka amongst the public and lobbying governments. Sadly we did not achieve our goal but we helped saved thousands of lives. However the situation is still desperate with over 280,000 civilians being held in concentration camps living in fear. So we continue to raise awareness about the suffering in Sri Lanka and the human rights violations which continue to take place.

Throughout the conflict Act Now has been at the forefront of exposing the truth to the world through the International media. We have been working closely with and conducted interviews with news agencies such as CCN, Sky, BBC, Al Jazeera,Reuters and many others. We were the first to report to the International media about the rapes in the camps and that the UN figures of civilians killed in the war were understated, that there was over 20,000 killed.

Another key strategy of our campaign will be to encourage the world to boycott Sri Lanka for their human rights abuses. If the International communities will not apply sanctions on Sri Lanka we the people must.

Initially we will be holding public meeting all across the UK, lobbying, visiting Universities, handing out fliers to the general public, protesting, online petition and lots of other planned events. So contact us TODAY to be added to our mailing list so we can update you of future events.