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Whether it's concentration camps, people 'disappearing', young girls being raped by the Army, widespread torture, extortion, extra-judicial murders, child recruitment (by government backed paramilitary groups) and the murder of journalists, Sri Lanka has it all!

The Tourism industry and the textile industries have help fund a genocidal war and continue to help fund a genocidal government with an appalling human rights record. The  Sri Lankan government continue to break International law by illegally detaining  up to 300, 000 internal refugees. The Sri Lankan government have also committed a number of war crimes this year including using banned chemical weapons on civilians areas and repeatedly bombing hospitals and other civilians establishments.

Please join the Stop the Blood Garment campaign Today by sending an appeal to the companies that stock products made in Sri Lanka. If the international community will not sanction Sri Lanka for its war crimes and its human rights violations then we the people must.

          300,000 civilians held in Nazi-style concentration camps.

              Over 20,000 innocent civilians killed in the conflict this year.

                   Over 20,000 amputees still in desperate need of proper care.

"Next Time you want to buy underwear from MARKS & SPENCER, you want to buy a t-shirt from NEXT, you want to go on a holiday of a lifetime on a beautiful island off the coast of India, do you really want to spend your money on a government that chooses to lock 300,000 people behind barbed wire?" Siobhain McDonagh MP (former Government Whip).

The above is an MPs recent reaction to the abuse of human rights in Sri Lanka, what is yours?

      Marks and Spencer promote itself as an Eco friendly company with it’s carbon neutral factories in Sri Lanka. But what they don’t tell you in the small print is that the money goes into an economy which helps fund a Genocidal government, with one of the worst human rights records.

Other stores and companies that sell blood garments include, Tesco, Top Shop, Next, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, GAP, Primark, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, the UK's Bhs, Adams and Debenhams.

Any money spent on Sri Lankan products is blood money and will fund further human rights abuses in that country. We urge you to BOYCOTT these companies and send an online appeal letter today to stop these companies selling blood garments.



Not only does Sri Lanka abuse members of the Tamil community it has the record of being the third most dangerous country for all journalists (International Media Watch - 2007), a high risk of carrying out genocide (Genocide Watch), second highest number of disappearances in the world (UN & Human Rights Watch) maintains one of the largest per capita armed forces in the world (and still growing) and is listed as a top 20 failed State (Fund for Peace - 2008).

Boycott Tourism to Sri Lanka!

Please help stop the Blood Garment Trade